We flew on 1st March to Indian Wells and now it is 1st April and we are still in the USA, at the moment in Charleston. This year, I flew to California for the second time, I really like it there. Beautiful weather, great club and unbelievable atmosphere. In Indian Wells I managed to qualify, in the first round I lost against D. Cibulkova. Even so, I was happy with my game. Unfortunately, the next day I got ill and I was a few days in another world – in the room 🙂 When I was ready, I started to practice and moved to the other side of America, to Miami. There I did not play my best, I lost against czech Kr. Pliskova. My family came to Miami, so they immediately improved the mood. We had together several excellent days. When we do not see each other at home, someone must go at least to Florida 🙂 Well, now I’m in Charleston, my last tournament of this long trip. I was thinking about better results, but it is important to pick up again and keep going when you fall down. Therefore, I still thank you very much to everyone who is supporting me and keep their fingers crossed!